Types of Programs

When we speak of specific software we use the term program in reference to some unique process, game, utility, or action we want the computer to execute. Programs contain instructions that the computer follows. Examples of programs include word processors, web browsers, and games, such as the ever-popular Solitaire game.

While some computers, when you buy them, come with a certain amount of software, each computer will have different programs. Some will have a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, whereas another computer might only have an operating system, such as Microsoft Windows, and some basic programs.

Additional programs can be purchased and installed on a personal computer as needed. An accountant would want a program called a spreadsheet, which allows you to work creatively with numbers in columns and rows. Almost everyone needs a word processor to type and print things such as letters and book reports. If you are thinking about buying a computer, be sure it comes with or will support the kinds of things you would like to do.

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Computer Basics: A Brief Introduction to Computers
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