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Hill-Hold and Brick House Museums

Address: Hill-hold Museum: 128 Route 416, Campbell Hall, NY 10916 Brick House Musuem: 850 Route 17K Montgomery, NY 12549

Telephone: Main Number: 845-615-3830 Hill-Hold Museum: (845) 291-2404 Brick House Museum: (845)457-4921

Meeting Hours/Places, Other Information:
Hill-Hold open May 24 through September 29 Hours: Friday - Sunday 104. Brick House open June 1 through August 25 Hours: Saturday-Sunday 10-4.Description from website: "Built in the 1760's, the museums reflect the lives of two family homesteads of the Hudson Valley. At Hill-Hold you can visit the one-room school house, an historic barn, and farm animal exhibits. Visitors at Brick House will stroll across tree-shaded lawns and tour the country mansion that was home to seven generations of the Hill family."


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