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The Business and Company Profile ASAP database offers article abstracts and full text articles on: and related news and articles from around the world.

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Access Options:

This database can be accessed from any of Thrall Library's public Internet or research computers.

Concerning access outside the library:

This database is licensed through the NYS NOVEL program and is available to all New York State residents through the NYS NOVEL website.

Members of libraries which are part of the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) may log in using their library barcode.

Tips & Special Features:

When the database page appears, you will see a "Subject guide search" box, where you can type a topic (e.g. technology) to locate related topics (and then articles on following pages after you select a subtopic).

This is fine if you know which subject you would like to search under, but if you are interested in conducting a more general article keyword search, you will want to switch the search mode to "Relevance" mode. You can do this by clicking the "Relevance Search" link on the left side of the database page.

"Relevance" attempts to arrange search results according to how closely the article is believed to match your interests. This relevancy is gauged primarily according to how often a word (or several keywords, if you typed more than one) occurs in an article. Articles at the top of the list are calculated to be "more relevant" than those at the bottom of the list.

For a more general search without such relevancy ranking, you can switch to "Keyword" mode by clicking the "Keyword Search" link on the left side of the database page.

For more intelligent control over your search results, you might consider clicking the "Advanced Search" mode link on the left side of the database page to bring up more specific search options. In this search mode you can search titles, authors, keywords, topics, journal names, and other fields simultaneously.

Advanced Search mode also lets you limit search results to a specific date range and specify whether or not you want only full text (complete) articles and/or "refereed publications" (periodicals that are "peer reviewed" by other scholars in that field of interest). If you know the name of a journal or periodical, you can also type that into the Journal box to limit results to that publication.

If you're interested in articles from a specific publication, you might be better off using the "Journal Search" mode by clicking the same-named link on the left side of the database page. Once you do so, you can type the name of a publication (e.g. New York Times) and specify a date range.

The database will usually not contain all articles from any one particular publication. You can determine which dates of articles are available in periodicals indexed in the database by clicking the "Title List" link at the top of the database page.
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Technical Considerations:
Before printing, be sure to click the Printer icon located at the top of any article page. This will reformat the page in a "printer friendly" format, enabling you to print more on fewer pages.

Printing at the library costs $ .20 per page. Please inquire at the Reference Department if you are not sure how to print.

This database also allows you to e-mail articles you find to your own e-mail account. To do so, look for the e-mail icon at the top of an article page, click the icon, and carefully enter your e-mail address on the next web page that appears.

There is no cost for e-mailing articles, and you may e-mail as many articles to yourself as you like!

If you would like some assistance in using this database or finding any information, please speak with one of our librarians at the Reference Department or contact us:

By telephone: (845) 341-5461

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