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Text on back of picture: Middletown High School Football Team, 1913. The Orange County High School Champions, 1913. [Names by row as provided] Lower Row (from left to right): T. R. Hart; Chas. Sundstrom; Ed. Lutes; Gorden Wilson; Bill marks; Conner(?). Second Row: Bill Southwell; Frank Kramer; Jack Eilenberger; Earl Dickerson, Captain; Bill Shoemaker; Sell Gibbs. Third Row: Chas. Newkirk; Stew Eidel; Geo. Miles; Fergusen; Felix Feuss; Wellington booth. Top Row: Ralph Bull, Asst. Mgr.; Prof. Wm. Wilson, Principal; Prof. Edmund Massey, Coach; Stan Southwell, Mgr. and Jack Winslow, Asst. Mgr.
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