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Text on back of picture: Middletown High School Graduating Class, 1922. [Names as provided] Fourth Row: Merritt Myers, Earl Walsh, John Moran. Third Row: Donald MacLaury, Melvin Rowan, Elsie Bull, Edward Eidel, Raymond Schmitt, Mildred Wallace, Martin Phillops, Helen Bull, Stanley Treyz, Marie McMunn, George Hess. Second Row: Helen McKay, John Bates, Isabel Wallace, John Ostron, Louise Herman, Walter Deisseroth, Elizabeth Ogden, Michael Hoey, Taylor Slade. First Row: Francis Bussell, Margaret Rockafellow, Edna Hopkins, Marjorie Hines, Clair Hoffman, Mae Fish, Anna Onley, Mary Hadden, Ruth Hopkins.
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