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Text on back of picture: 1890s, The Misses Porter School on Highland Avenue, corner of Prospect Street. [Names as provided] Front Row: Bess Beers, Nell Drake (Dewitt), H. Campbell, Harold Slauson, Hayner Gordon, Unknown, Charlie Mallet, Charles Horton, Kinsley Slauson, Miss E.J. Porter [Name under Porter: Ada Wiggins (Buttenheim)], Miss Louise Babcock [Name under Babcock: Edgar McWilliams], Eleanor Boak [Name above Boak: Esther M?Cardell. Extreme Right: Unknown. Second Row: Jane Conklin, ? Doan, Corinna Slaughter (Ackerly), Unknown, Unknown, Maud Douglas, Ethel Mills, POSTS, Unknown. Back Rows: Unknown.
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