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Text on back of picture: First Presbyterian Choir, 1878. Names recorded row by staggered row as follows: A. H.L. Adams, Mr. Mallett (organist), J. Foote B. Miss Libbie Preston, Miss Fannie Beakes C. Mrs. Ralph VanDuzer D. H.K. Wilcox, Mary Dunning (Mrs. Roberts), Fannie Adams (Mrs. Kealer), D.D. Houston E. Geo. King (leader) F. Mrs. Geo. King, Mrs. H.L. Adams G. NAte Hallock, Mrs. D.D. Houston, Mrs. G.E. Beakes, Smith Hulse H. Mrs. Wickham I. Miss Mary Clark, Mrs. A.L. Beakes J. S.R. Morgan, C.J. Boyd, George Wickham.

Note: "Reverse this" is written in pencil following the list of names.

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