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More on Proteus Internet Search Services

Proteus Internet Search services are designed to help you get the most out of your Internet research. With Proteus, you simply Type Once, Search Everywhere.

Consider making Proteus your start page (see your web browser for instructions on doing this).

Click here to learn how Proteus is redefining online research through its unique features and techologies and forming alliances to bring you information on demand.

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Other Proteus Searches

True to its name, Proteus shapeshifts, evolving in form and content to help users meet their information needs. Click here to learn more about the family of Proteus services designed to help you find the information you need on the Internet.

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Using Proteus Internet Search Services

Browser Requirements

There are several editions of Proteus available to meet your browser's capabilities. Lynx users and others without JavaScript support can enjoy Proteus with Proteus Basic Edition, while users with JavaScript-enabled browsers can enjoy enhanced the unique functionality that distinguishes Proteus from its counterparts online. Added features in the Enhanced Editions include Proteus QueryBuilder (a query building toolbar), Proteus PolySearch (metasearch), and Proteus Advanced Search (supports Boolean operations, domain focusing, and much more).

To enjoy maximum functionality, you should be using a current web browser, such as Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. See also for other browsers supporting your computing platform.

That said, Proteus also works with LYNX and other browsers. For the basic Proteus search interface, click here. That particular edition does not require JavaScript.

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Proteus Virtual KeyBoard

You may access international and extended characters with the Proteus Virtual KeyBoard, enabling you to type (and search for) words such as gean, Franais, voil, pginas, and Espaol.

To use it, simply click a character below to have it inserted in your query then click DONE when you are finished:

NOTE: If you cannot read the letters above, your browser font may not support these extended characters. Also please note some search engines may not process these special letters.

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