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Reference USA
Reference USA
Search a database of 14 million U.S. Businesses (updated monthly) or a residential listing database of nearly 140 Million U.S. Households. Available at Thrall and to Thrall members at home.
Zip Code Lookup
Search by address, city, company or zip code. From the United States Postal Service.

Web Resources
Canadian Zip Codes
Contacting the Congress
"A database of biographical information, phone numbers, FAX numbers, office addresses, electronic mail addresses and WWW homepages for members of the Congress and Congressional Committees."
International Addressing Tips
From the Unites States Postal Service.
Official USPS Abbreviations
From the United States Postal Service.
Postal Addressing Systems in Member Countries
Choose from an alphabetical list of 192 countries and click "Display". From the Universal Postal Union.
US Zip Codes in One Step
Enter a city and state with the street optional.

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