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About Time, Clocks, & Watches
Clocks and Watches Library
How clocks, digital clocks, quartz watches, and clock pendulums work. From How Stuff Works.
Daylight Time: When Does Daylight Saving Time Begin and End?
Provided by the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO).
How Time Works
Includes time zones, Daylight-saving Time. From How Stuff Works. See also their article: How Time Travel Works.
On Time: How America Has Learned to Live by the Clock
From the National Museum of American History.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Time
Article concerning philosophical aspects of time. See also these links: The Experience and Perception of Time, Time Machines, more articles.
A Walk Through Time
From the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
What Time Is It In...
After selecting a country, it gives you the date, military time and 12-hour time, as well as a map of each country. Also includes a call planner for placing calls to foreign countries.

Time Zones of the World
Official U.S. Time (Time.gov)
Guide to time zones accurate to within one second. This is a "live" clock displaying date and ticking military time. It also shows the daylight/dark division. Non-Java users should try this link.
Time Measurement, Time Zones, and the International Date Line
From Infoplease.com.
Find the time and date anywhere in the world. Create a calendar from the past or future. Select a continent and city and get details of the city's dialing codes and sunrise times.
Includes Current Local Time; Time Zone Converter; World Clock; Meeting Planner and World Time Database.
World Time Zone
Select a country name or region. Gives the current day of the week, current time, and the difference in hours + or - Greenwich Mean Time.
World Time Zone Map
Provided by the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO).

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