About the Special Coverage Center

Middletown Thrall Library created the Special Coverage Center to give you quick and easy access to websites and other resources relating to popular and important topics.

Each topic in the Special Coverage Center has its own web guide. Fresh topics are periodically added to the center as new events unfold.

We also include links to local, state, and national government representatives and agencies providing definitive information and contacts so you may communicate concerns and questions with political leaders connected to your community or surrounding areas.

External websites are neither endorsed by Thrall nor are they assured in any sense to be free of errors or other problems. As with all information on the Internet, you should attempt to verify facts by consulting primary and multiple sources of the highest quality possible and exercise critical thinking at all times.

Because information on the web constantly changes, some web links might not work at some point in the future. We will be happy to help you locate information you need on any of these topics or for any other research you might be doing.

Please call the Reference Desk at (845)341-5461 for research assistance. We also offer a free Internet reference service if you prefer to use that.

Be sure to check out our other web guides and article databases for even more information in all subject areas.

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