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Arm of the Sea

Address: POB 175 Malden On The Hudson New York 12453

Telephone: 845-246-7873

Meeting Hours/Places, Other Information:
Arm-of-the-Sea Theater’s mission is to inspire wonder, offer insight, spark joy and enrich the public imagination. We accomplish our mission through the symbolic visual language of mask and puppet theater.Arm-of-the-Sea Theater draws its name from the Hudson River Estuary, a prodigious tidal ecosystem where fresh and salt waters meet and mix. We began in 1982 on the impulse of developing an imaginative way to communicate Hudson River issues to broad public audiences. It also just so happens that one of the world’s major urban centers is at the “mouth” of this river. From the beginning our methods were pictorial—-combining sculpture and painting to create masks, puppet figures and other kinds of props, then adding movement and music to animate these visual images.


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