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Cancer Support - St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital

Address: Our cancer care services are located at the Littman Cancer Center and Cornwall Radiation Oncology Services: Littman Cancer Center 15 Laurel Avenue | Cornwall, NY 12518 Cornwall Radiation Oncology Services 15 Laurel Avenue, Suite 100 | Cornwall, NY 12518

Telephone: Littman Cancer Center (845) 458-4444 or Cornwall Radiation Oncology Services (845) 458-9000

Meeting Hours/Places, Other Information:
Call for meeting times or check website for various groups including Breast Cancer, Living with and Survivors of Cancer, and Cancer Care Givers Group. Patient Navigator also offers support. This support caters to the needs to all patients, family members, loved ones, and caregivers. Call (845) 458-4444 for more information.


Last date this information was confirmed: Sun Apr 16 15:40:31 2023

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