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American Song is a history database that allows people to hear and feel the music from America's past.

The database includes songs by and about American Indians, miners, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers, and cowboys.

Included in the database are the songs of... Also: African-American Song is now part of American Song, including 17,000 tracks from the original African-American Song database, plus nearly 20,000 additional tracks.

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Once logged into the database, you will see a menu at the top of the screen with the following options: Home, Browse, Search, Playlists, What's New.

Clicking "Browse" allows you to explore the database by the following subcategories: All Recordings, Albums, Genres, Instruments, People, Ensembles, Historical Events.

Clicking "Search" produces an "Advanced Search" screen, where you can search in one or more of the following areas: Title of song, Album Title, People (Artist or Ensemble name), Genre, musical Instrument, Historical Event, Place or Date of Recording, or Cultural Group.

To the right of each search term input box you will see a "Select Terms" link. Depending on which field you are searching (Artist or Title, for example), clicking "Select Terms" will display a list of search terms (or names of persons or places) you can select (by clicking a "check box" next to one or more of the search terms in a list).

The new search terms window is a separate "pop-up" window that will appear over the main search screen. If you do not see it, be sure your web browser's "pop-up blocker" is not activated while using this.

After checking one or more search terms in the new window that appears, click the "Add Terms" button. The search term window will disappear, and you will return to the Advanced Search page, where you can either specify more search criteria or simply click the Search button to view any matches in the database.

This database supports "Play Lists," which allow you to keep track of songs, performers, and albums you like, all on one page. Click the "Playlists" option on menu at the top of the American Song page to access that feature.
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