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The Classical.com Classical Music Library is described as "the world's largest multi-label database of Classical music recordings for listening and learning in libraries.

There are over 50,000 music tracks available for listening. You can either browse or search.

This database includes music from these and many other composers: Musical eras in the database include: Outside the library? Please follow this link to log in.

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This database can be accessed from any of Thrall Library's public Internet or research computers.

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Members of Middletown Thrall Library may log in to this service using their library barcode.

To log in (UPDATED 6-11-2019): Please follow this link and enter your Thrall Library card number without spaces.

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Please call our Reference Dept. at (845) 341-5461 when the library is open.

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Tips & Special Features:

You can browse by: Composer, Artist, Conductor, Ensemble, musical Instrument, musical Genre, Period (historical date when music was composed or when a composer lived), recording Label music was published under, and the Recording Date (when a musical work was performed and recorded).

A "Browse by Category" lets you find music that fits in any of these categories: Chamber, Instrumental, Orchestral, Opera & Operetta, Sacred Music, Stage & Screen Music, Vocal & Choral Music.

If you would like to learn more about classic music, this service has its own reference section you can access by clicking the "Reference" tab at the top of the database screen. Once you do, you can view select Biographies of composers and Images or use the "Discovering Music" feature to hear three key examples (from Beethoven, Mozart, and Hayda) of classical music.

The Reference section of Classical.com also contains a Glossary of musical terms and a "Historical Periods" section providing concise descriptions and links to examples of music from each era.

The "Historical Periods" section starts off with "Medieval Music," and you can explore other musical periods by clicking on other "Historical Period" links on the left side of the page. Other periods include: Renaissance, Baroque, Pre-classical, Classical, Romantic, National School, Late-Romantic, and 20th Century.

Another interesting feature of this service is that you can arrange favorite artists and tracks into personal "Playlist Folders" on your home computer. To access this option, click the "Playlist" tab at the top of the page when the music page database appears. Playlists require a simple registration and an e-mail account so that after you log into the database (at home, for example), you can further customize and access content you enjoy, while other friends or family members using the computer can do the same without disturbing your own playlists.
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