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Mother Theresa. Princess Diana. Tom Clancy. Johnnie Cochran. Betty Shabazz. These are just a few of the people you'll find biographical information on in the Encyclopedia of World Biography.

Originally published in 1973 by McGraw Hill, this 17-vol. authoritative set is entirely revised and updated - the first complete revision in 25 years. Here's what you'll find in this admired biographical reference source:
  • 17 volumes with almost 7,000 entries - 40 percent more than the 1973 set
  • Approximately 400 new entries - with more multicultural coverage
  • Thousands of high-resolution photographs - designed to produce clearer photocopies
  • Updated entries and bibliographies - includes new developments since the last edition as well as newly discovered facts and interpretations of historical figures
  • Easy-to-use page format
  • Multi-access, consolidated index, and much more.
This set includes not only the 17 vols. in the 2nd Edition, but annual supplement volumes 18-23 - all in one convenient collection. All of the photographs from the 2nd Edition and supplement volumes 18-23 are included.
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