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Search The New York Times from 1857 to the current year minus two.

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Every issue in the Historical Newspapers: The New York Times database is reproduced in cover to cover full page images. Users can search using keyword, Boolean or natural language queries as well as limit by date, author and article type.

You can also browse these topics in American History:
Slavery and Politics, Early Westward Expansion, Civil War, Reconstruction, Westward Expansion and Imperialism, Industrial Age, Progressive Era, World War I, The Roaring '20s, The Great Depression, World War II, Post-War World, Post-War America, Rise of the Cold War, Korean War, Eisenhower Era, Kennedy Era, African-American Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, Turbulent '60s, Nixon Era, The Seventies, The Reagan and Bush Administrations, The Clinton Years, The Turn of the Millennia and Beyond.

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