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(formerly Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center)

This database can be used to explore a variety of "pro" (for) and "con" (against) viewpoints on numerous topics.

Browse or search for an issue and view full text articles to learn more about different positions, controversies, arguments, disagreements, and similar opinions shared by scholars and experts.

Articles come from magazines, academic journals, newspapers, primary source documents, government documents, and other sources.

Here are some of the many topics covered in this database:

Abortion, Adoption, AIDS, Alcoholism, Animal Rights, Bioethics, Birth Control, Censorship, Civil Rights, Cloning, Eating Disorders, Evolution, Genetic Engineering, Global Warming, Human Rights, Media Violence, Minimum Wage, Nutrition, Outsourcing, Pollution, Poverty, Religion, Smoking, Welfare Reform, and Women's Rights.
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This database is licensed through the NYS NOVEL program and is available to all New York State residents through the NYS NOVEL website.

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This database begins in a "Basic Search" mode to let you search by keyword. Below the search box you will see a phrase saying "Search for words in" followed by three options: "Subject," "Keyword," and "Entire Document."

Other limits in this panel include "documents with images," "content level" (basic, intermediate, or advanced) or "content type" (Academic Journals, Magazines, Multimedia, News, Primary Sources, Reference, Statistics, Viewpoints, Websites).

An "Advanced Search" option also exists at the top of the database page. Clicking it produces a new search page with more options yet. In addition to the search options mentioned above, you can search multiple fields (e.g. Document Title, Author, Subject) simultaneously.

Search results are grouped below different tabs near the top of the page: Viewpoints, Reference, Magazines, Academic Journals, News, Primary Sources, Statistics, Multimedia, and Websites.

You can alter the order of search results by clicking the "Sort By" menu to switch from Publication Date (the default setting) to Relevance (which attempts to calculate, based on word proximity and frequency in matching documents, and display the most relevant matches), or Content Level.

To the left of search results you will find subtopic groups which can be clicked to view fewer search results that are potentially more relevant to your interests.

If you receive a large number of search results, you can click the "Refine Results" link and specify further limits.
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This database also allows you to e-mail articles you find to your own e-mail account. To do so, look for the e-mail icon at the top of an article page, click the icon, and carefully enter your e-mail address on the next web page that appears.

There is no cost for e-mailing articles, and you may e-mail as many articles to yourself as you like!

Some documents are available in the PDF format. These documents can be viewed if your computer has the free Adobe Reader software installed.

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