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This collection of databases includes: It also includes treatises including Siegel New York Practice and Carmody Wait New York Practice with Forms.

Also included are databases of statutes and cases from all fifty states.

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Due to licensing restrictions, this database is only accessible at Middletown Thrall Library on any of its designated public research workstations.

Please inquire at the Reference Department to help determine which computer is available to you.

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Look for the Westlaw Patron Access Terminal guide displayed near the library catalogs behind the staircase. It contains the basics of Westlaw research.

It is simplest to use the natural language searching, but you can narrow and target your results by using Terms And Connectors (Boolean) searching.

If you are unsure of where to start, New York Jurisprudence is a legal encyclopedia and an excellent starting point. Click on its Table of Contents to get a list of subjects.

Please note: Middletown Thrall Library does not provide legal consultations or advice of any kind.
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