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Thrall Hospital

Thrall Hospital and Soldiers Monument

Thrall Hospital Staff and Trustees, October 11, 1892

Thrall Hospital, which stood at 23 Grove Street, built through the donations of Mrs. S. Maretta Thrall. Opened in 1892, closed in 1929, torn down in 1938

Thrall Hospital's physicians. Shown: Dr. Julia Bradner, founder of the Aged Women's Home and Thrall Hospital. Others shown (left to right): Top row: Charles I' Redfield, Moses A. Stivers, Willis I. Purdy, D. B. Hardenbergh, Julia Bradner. Bottom: Joseph B. Hulett, H. L. Hamner, Edwin Fancher, William E. Douglas, Theodore D. Mills. 1906

Horton's first ambulance, a Packard Eight "Bellevue-type" donated by Christine M. Morrison

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