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Hurricane Katrina Information Guide

This guide provides links to other websites on the Internet about Hurricane Katrina.

If you need help finding more information, please call the Reference Department at (845)341-5461 or submit a question through our online reference service (answers arrive Mon-Fri during library hours). If you know of other online resources that may be of use here, please submit them here. You may also report broken or relocated links here.

Hurricane Katrina: News and Information Sites

   General Information about Katrina

   Blogs - Web logs by various people covering the situation in their own words and photographs

   Disaster Declarations from the U.S. President

   Health Related
For more health information see our Health web guide

   Housing, Emergency Shelter
See also this list of housing information and related sites from Librarian's Index to the Internet


   Missing Persons
See also this list of missing persons and related sites from Librarian's Index to the Internet

For more news see our News and Weather web guide

   Charities and Relief Agencies

   State Websites - Official State Websites with News and Other Information
See also: Emergency Agencies and Organizations in this guide.
For other official state websites see this list from FirstGov.gov

   Statistics, Hurricane Studies, Post-Storm Comentaries

   For Students Affected or Displaced by the Storm

   General Information for Students

   Colleges & Universities
     - Press Releases / Contact Info. / Outreach Pages
     - Click (*) below for the main web site/other updates.
Please note: This is not a complete list. See also this ".edu" Google search to locate more college/university websites pertaining to the storm and students, or click here for general access to all major college and university websites, which you can then browse and determine by visiting a site if any particular educational institution is participating in student relief efforts.

Emergency Agencies and Organizations

See also: State Websites in this guide.

Government Information

   Disasters - Preparation, Response, Recovery

   Gas Prices, Oil
See also these related sites from Librarian's Index to the Internet

   Hurricane Katrina - Agency Specific Pages and Announcements
See also: State Websites in this guide.

   Información en español

   Investigations and Reports
See also our GovSites guide for all other U.S. Government Agencies and information.

About Hurricanes in General

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