An Early Preview
of the New
Library System Catalog

Thrall's Own Catalog Entry Page:
Everything You Already Recognize...

(plus a new option: limiting to "available copies")

[Thrall's Library Catalog Entrance Page]

The Library System Catalog Page:
Now with Bestsellers!

[Main Library Catalog Screen]

A Sample Search...

(notice the options!)

[Sample Search Screen]

Viewing an Item...

(just click Place Hold to reserve!)

[Library Item Screen]

When Placing a Hold...

You can choose where to pick up an item!

[Reserve Item Screen]

You will also be able to select specific
volumes, editions, seasons, or discs
for many items in the system!

[Edition Selection Screen]

[Volume Selection Screen]

[Disc / Episode Selection Screen]

A Quick Peek at
the Advanced Search Page...

[Advanced Search Screen]

You Can Save Searches as RSS Feeds!

[RSS Subscription Screen]

A Spanish Edition Is Also Available

[Spanish Interface Screen]

That's all for now. More to come in the near future!

We hope you enjoyed this preview!

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