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Web Resources Tax Forms & Instructions
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Forms
Federal tax return filing forms, instruction booklets, related documents.
New York State Tax Forms
NYS tax return filing forms, instruction booklets, related documents.

See also School District Codes (required by some forms).

Taxes - General Information
Departments of Revenue
Links to the department of revenue for each state. From the National Society of Accountants.
Free Tax Return Preparation for Qualifying Taxpayers
From the IRS.
New York State - Taxes
NYS Department of Taxation and related websites.

Valuation of Donated Goods
How to Figure Fair Market Value for Donations of Property to Charities
Five-step instructions for when you donate goods to charities. From
How to Get a Tax Deduction for Charitalbe Donations
A worksheet for calculating the value of donated goods to a charity. From
What is Fair Market Value?
IRS guidelines for determining the value of donated property, such as household goods, used clothing, etc. Does not give specific dollar amounts. From Publication 561.
Valuation Guide for Goodwill Donors
Valuation Guide for Salvation Army Donations
Click on the tabs to find tables showing you a range of values from low to high depending on condition of items.

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