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ESPY Awards Past Winners
List of winners from 1993 to 1999. From ESPN/MGM Grand, Las Vegas.
How Stuff Works: Sports Channel
Information on baseball, football, golf, Olympics, and other sports.
The Olympic Record Timeline
Brief summary of each game with primary sources such as photos and documents related to that event. The most recent sources include websites. Click on the year, from 1896 to 2012. From the British National Archives.
From the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Olympic Games Since 1896
Must scroll down the page to find each specific Games.
Olympic Medalists
Search by Games, Sports, and Events.
Olympic Medals
Images of the Medals from 1896 to the present.
Welcome to the Ancient Olympic Games
Inlcudes history, the sports and athletes and spectators.
Sports Guide
Scores, news, games, schedules and results, players, teams, books, videos, history, local / college / professional / international sports, and more. Directory by Middletown Thrall Library.
Sports Almanac
Ballparks and arenas, baseball, basketball, biographies, football, golf, hockey, olympics, tennis, college sports, and more. From See also:
Sports Biographies
Sports & Games Visual Dictionary
Topics include: Sports Facilities; Track and Field; Ball Sports; Racket Sports; Gymnastics; Aquatic and Nautical Sports; Combat Sports; Strength Sports; Equestrian Sports; Precision and Accuracy Sports; Cycling; Motor Sports; Winter Sports; Sports on Wheels; Aerial Sports; Mountain Sports; Outdoor Leisure; and Games. From Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online.
Sports Definitions
A dictionary of athletic terminology. Search or browse. Covers all sports and lists multiple meanings when a word or phrase applies to more than one sport.
Team Sports in the United States
The official website of the United States Olympic Committee.
Top North American Athletes of the Century
From ESPN.
Women in the Olympic Movement
A PDF from the International Olympic Committee. .

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