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Travel Guides
Travel Guides
Explore exciting destinations around the world through "Eyewitness Travel Guides" and "Rough Guides" to various states and countries, including: Africa, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Chile, China, Czech, Easter Island, England, Florence, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Greece, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Istanbul, Italy, Japan, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York City, Paris, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Philadelphia, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, South Africa, Southern California, Spain, Sweden, The Italian Riviera, Tuscany, Washington, D.C., Yellowstone. Available to members of Thrall.

Travel Guides & Information
Consumer Information: Travel
Directory of consumer resources.
Cruise Critic
Includes reviews of ships, cruise lines and ports of call. Help planning a cruise. Register for free to access the message boards of current cruisers and what they think of specific cruises.
Fodor's Travel Guides
Includes overviews, things to do, restaurants and hotels.
Budget vacations, travel advice,,, lodgings, car rentals. Also, discussion boards on more than 100 topics + "Arthur's Tip of the Day".
How to Minimize the Chance of Losing Your Checked Luggage
From the US Travel Insurance Association.
Learn About Your Destination
"We provide Country Specific Information for every country of the world. You will find the location of the U.S. embassy and any consular offices, information about whether you need a visa, crime and security information, health and medical considerations, drug penalties, localized hot spots and more. This is a good place to start learning about where you are going." Includes foreign entry requirements for each country. From U.S. Department of State, Consular Information Program.
Lonely Planet World Guide
First select the region of the world on a map. Then choose your country from a list. Information is not just facts, such as time zone, currency and languages, but also colorful descriptions and suggested times to travel to your destination.
Lost, Delayed or Damaged Baggage
Passport Information for U.S. Citizens
Steps and ID required to apply for a U.S. passport including addresses, fees, replacement and renewal instructions and useful travel brochures online.
Rudy Maxa's World
"Public radio listeners will remember 'The Savvy Traveler,' a show Rudy hosted before he transitioned to television. Today, he hosts America's most widely syndicated radio travel show that is broadcast each weekend." Listen to his weekly podcasts both current and from his archives.
Seat Guru
An online reference for checkin, seat selection and other useful informtation for airline passengers.
Travel Safety Tips
"Review these safety articles for information on traveling alone, staying in a hotel, and much more." From the US Travel Insurance Association.
Travel and the TSA
Sections include: Security Screening; Special Procedures; TSA PreCheck; Passenger Support; Travel Tips; and FAQ. From the Transportation Security Administration.
Travelers' Health
Click a letter at the top of their screen for an alphabetical list of diseases and health related issues. Farther down the screen are travel related topics and notices. From the CDC.
Provides reviews from real travelers of hotels, restaurants, attractions, and vacation packages.
"Vacation Like a Pro."
U.S. News: Travel
Vacation Rankings, Hotel Rankings, and Travel Guides. Also includes Check Flight, Vacation Tips & Ideas. From U.S. News & World Report.
U.S. State Department Travel Warnings
Advisories and restrictions for travel on U.S. passports to places with political or medical dangers.
"WeatherPlanner gives you a long-range, weather outlook in straightforward, common language so you can, with confidence, factor in weather when planning and anticipating life's special and everyday moments. ...The long-term weather outlook is derived from a proprietary process using algorithms that predict weather trends for the next 365 days based on more than 100 years of historical data...Results are proven, reliable and based on the same technology used by Fortune 500 businesses for more than 60 years."
Presented by the European Travel Commission and the government tourist offices of 33 nations. Scenes, current events and issues, currency convertor, what's happening there.

Air Travel & Air Fare Comparisons
Real people compare the smaller airlines such as JetBlue and Southwest which are not always found on the larger sites. Also included are route maps, seat maps, and fare of the day.
Allows you to compare fares by origin and destination city, by month and day for the US and Candian Market. Does not include Southwest Airlines or Jet Blue Airways as they do not make all their fares public.
Search by Flights, Airports, or Stats. Included in airport information is Departures, Arrivals, Terminal Maps, Weather, Tracker and Delays.
Fly-rights: a Consumer Guide to Air Travel
From the Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement, US Department of Transportation.
"Search 100+ travel sites for cheap fares, compare results."
Gives in real time and in a 5 min delay, information on flights, including call sign, speed and more.
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Expedia: Hotels
Compare rates, rooms, and deals.
Compare rates, rooms, and deals. Hotels
Compare rates, rooms, and deals. Hotels
Compare rates, rooms, and deals. Hotels
Compare rates, rooms, and deals.

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