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Automobile History: The History of Cars and Engines
From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Find and compare cars and their energy consumption and environmental impact scores. Sections include: Alternative Fuel Vehicles, New Fuel Economy Ratings, Find Your Car's Energy Impact Score, Energy Efficiency, EPA MPG Ratings, Hybrid Vehicles, Gas Mileage Tips, Gasoline Prices, Videos, Where Can I Buy Ethanol/E85/Flex-Fuel Vehicles?, News.
From How Stuff Works:
Auto Basics Library
"The Auto Basics Channel offers detailed, accurate articles about cars and educates you on auto terminology. For fun, get to know how car crushers and car washes work or which 33 cars are named after animals." Includes: How Automobiles Work, How Car Crushers Work, How Car Washes Work, How Automotive Production Lines Work, Glossary of Automotive Terms.
Auto Racing
Includes: NASCAR Drivers History, Jobs, Quizzes, Race Tracks, Racing, Season Recaps.
Automobile Parts and Systems - Under the Hood
Sections include: Clutches, Cruise Control Systems, E-ZPass, Exhaust and Emissions, Ford Sync, OnStar, Options, Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Radar Detectors, Rearview Cameras, Self-parking Cars, Steering and Suspension, Transmissions and Drivetrains, Trends, Turn Signals, Wheels.
Buying and Selling Cars
Includes: How to Buy a Car, Selling Cars, How Kelley Blue Book Works, How Car Financing Works, VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers), Car Insurance Tips, Leasing, How to Read a Car Window Sticker, How to Buy a Fuel-efficient Car.
Car Driving and Safety Channel
Includes: Automotive Accidents and Hazardous Conditions, How Crash Testing Works, How DUI (Driving Under Intoxication) Works, How Odometers Work, How Road Rage Works, How the Jaws of Life Work, How Traffic Works, Rollover Accidents Explained, Top 10 Car Summer Maintenance Tips, Top 10 Car Winterizing Tips, What if I threw my car into reverse while I was driving?, Winter Driving Tips.
Car Models (types of)
Includes: Classic and Collectible, Concept Cars, Exotic Cars, Hybrid Cars, Luxury Cars, Modern Cars, Muscle Cars, Race Cars, Sports Cars, Unusual Cars.
How Car Engines Work
Includes: Basic Engine Parts, Internal Combustion, Engine Problems, Engine Valve Train and Ignition Systems, Engine Cooling, Air-intake and Starting Systems, Engine Lubrication, Fuel / Exhaust / Electrical Systems, Producing More Engine Power, Engine Questions and Answers, How 4-cylinder and V6 engines differ, and a Car Engines Library.
How Motorcycles Work
Includes: Chassis, Driving a Motorcycle, Engines, Future, History, Motorcycle Types, Transmissions.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Crash test results, recalls, auto safety hotline, and more.
Plug in America: Links and Resources
Links for information on the electric car and other alternative transports, as well as on its history. Provided by an advocacy group promoting electric cars.
Who Invented the Automobile?
From the Library of Congress.

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