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Birthday Foods
Multicultural information. This encyclopedic article explores various foods prepared and enjoyed by different cultures during birthday celebrations.
Birthday Traditions from Around the World
Scroll down their page to begin reading.
Birthday Traditions in Different Countries
Factmonster.com: Today's Birthday
Profiles of historical/famous people born today.
Famous Birthdays on this Day in History
From HistoryOrb.com. Also see their Today in History page for interesting trivia of the day.
PBS Parents: Birthday Party Themes
Thematic guides and ideas for parents and guardians of young children.
Planetary Age Calculator
How old would you be on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and other planets in our solar system? Also calculate your weight! From the University of Texas at Arlington. (Note: Pluto isn't listed here. See next site.)
Your Age on Other Worlds
Calculate what your age would be on other planets and when your next birthday would occur (in Earth years). From Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception.

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