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All About Collectibles
Various highlights on collectible items. Sections (see tabs at top of each section at website) include: Start Collecting, Buying/Selling, Price/Value Guides. From About.com.
Official website from Mattel. Includes news, articles, and a gallery of vintage/collectible Barbie dolls.
Comic Books: Collecting Comic Books, News, Reviews, and More
Includes: Collecting Comics (Buying, Selling, and Protecting Your Comics), Glossary - Terms and Definitions About Comics, Comic Book Publishers, conventions, webcomics, and more. From About.com.
Doll Collecting
Sections include: Doll Collecting 101, Getting Started, Buying / Selling, Types of Dolls, Dolls From A to Z, Barbie Dolls, Dolls Price Guide. From About.com.
H.I.P Pocket Change
Games, cartoons, and information about coins, coin collecting, and the United States Mint. From USMint.gov.
Smithsonian Kids: Collecting
Learn about collecting. From the Smithsonian Institution.
Sports and Trading Card Collecting
Includes: A Beginners Guide to Sports Card Collecting, A Brief Introduction To Sports Card Collecting. From About.com.
Stamp Collecting For Kids
Fun facts and other information about stamp collecting. From American Philatelic Society.
Stamp Collecting
Sections include: About Stamp Collecting, Philatelic Glossary of Terms, Upcoming Stamp Releases, Previously-Issued Stamps, Organizations and Resources. From the United States Postal Service (USPS).
Toy Collector Magazine
News, classifieds, articles, and more. After selecting an article, scroll down page to see it.
The United States Mint: Collector's Club
Sections include: The Art of Collecting (Why Collect Coins?, Getting Started, Ways to Collect, Collecting United States Mint Coins, What to Look for, Buy or Find?, Caring For Coins, Storing and Displaying Coins, How to Share Your Hobby), Coin Information and Resources (Anatomy of a Coin, Coin Term Glossary, The ANA Coin Grading Scale, The Mint Marks of United States Mint Facilities, United States Mint Online Store, Coin Dealer Database, Children's Coin Library, Fun Facts), Consumer Alerts, and more.

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