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Abbreviations and Acronyms
Abbreviations And Acronyms - Short and Shorter
Read about some popular abbreviated words and what they mean! From World Almanac for Kids
A list of Internet/computer acronymns and text messaging (texting) abbreviations.

Dictionaries - Words, Their Meanings, Usage, Etymology
Includes audio pronunciations of words and a thesaurus.
Learner's Dictionary: American English Dictionary for ESL, EFL, and TOEFL Students
From Merriam-Webster. Includes audio pronunciations of words.
Merriam-Webster Online
Dictionary and Thesaurus. Includes audio pronunciations of words.
Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary
Browse by theme or image or search for words and see illustrations.
Reverse Dictionary
"The reverse dictionary lets you go from a concept/idea/definition to words and phrases used to describe that concept."
Visual Dictionary
Browse by category or type in an object. An image is displayed with all its parts labeled using English or French terms.
An online graphical dictionary. Enter a word and it will give you synonyms, verbs, parts of speech, adverbs, adjectives and more.

Rhyming Dictionaries - Find Rhymes for Words
Online Rhyming Dictionary for Poetry and Songwriting
After entering the word to rhyme you can choose end rhymes, last syllable rhymes, double rhymes, beginning rhymes, and first syllable rhymes.
Type in a word to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions and more.

Thesaurus / Thesauri - Find Synonyms & Antonyms
Merriam-Webster Online: Thesaurus
Roget's II: The New Thesaurus
Read carefully to avoid advertisements. The search box is currently at the very top of the page, and all advertisements are marked as such.
Word Central
Dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, free word games (Adobe Flash plugin required), and a "build your own dictionary" option. From Merriam-Webster.

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