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Famous Inventors
Web Resources
African-American Inventors
From Scholastic.com.
Ben Franklin - Inquiring Mind
A list of Franklin's inventions and information about this famous inventor. From PBS.
Enchanted Learning: Famous Inventors and Inventions
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Engineering, Industry, and Invention
Online exhibits, interactive activities, images, articles, and more. From the the Smithsonian Institution.
Factmonster.com: Inventions
Topics include: Children Inventors, Black Scientists and Inventors, Time Tangled Island: Thomas Edison, Great Inventions from Great Minds Quiz, A Guide to Inventions and Discoveries: From Adrenaline to the Zipper, Timeline of Everyday Inventions, Milestones in Transportation, Two Centuries of Railroading, Inventions By Women, The National Inventors Hall of Fame, Accidental Food Inventions.
History and Bios - Famous Inventions and Famous Inventors
Biographical articles and images of famous inventors and a history of their inventions. From About.com.
Kids.gov: Inventors & Scientists
Meet the Wright Brothers
Learn about the invention of planes. From Scholastic.com.

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