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Web Resources
Classics for Kids
Podcasts of the Classics for Kids radio show, games, educational activities, historical information on classical music, brief composer biographies. To play games (such as "Compose Your Own Music" or "Name Notes"), follow the Games link at the top of the page. Games require the Adobe Flash plugin. Provided by Cincinnati Public Radio and sponsored by GE, Naxos Audio, Time Warner Cable, and others. Note: A few "sponsored links" direct you to Amazon.com.
Factmonster: Music
Music timeline, glossary, top selling albums and other lists, music awards, and more.
Major Scales
Musical notational of major scales. PDF document. See also their Chords page and these PDFs: Minor Scales, Blank Music Paper, Musical Styles Comparison Chart. From Learning and Loving Music Theory.
Music Information Guide
This comprehensive guide features both Web and library resources. Directory provided by Middletown Thrall Library.
Music Databases
These music databases featuring information and music are freely available to Middletown Thrall Library members: African American Song, American Song, Classical.com Classical Music Library, Contemporary World Music, Smithsonian Global Sound.
New York Philharmonic Kid Zone
A fun and interactive website designed to introduce young people to the orchestra. Sections include: Orchestra Station, Game Room, Musicians' Lounge, Composers' Gallery, Instrument Storage Room, Instrument Laboratory, Conductor/Soloist Dressing Rooms, Newsstand, and Composition Workshop. Requires the Adobe Flash plugin.

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