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Web Resources
Homework Help: Native Americans
From the Pikes Peak Library District.
Native American Heritage: Everything You Need
Includes articles, activities, games to research and understand Native American cultures. From Scholastic.com.
Native American Society on the Eve of British Colonization
From USHistory.org.
Native Americans: Histories and Facts
A directory of links to "Histories and Facts about the Alaskans, the Canadian, the Caribbean, and North American Indians" From KidInfo.com.
Native Tech: Games and Toys
Includes online interactive games and information on Native American toys. From Native Tech.
Oneida History
Scroll down the page for find Related Stories which include Companion Planting, Eating the Seasons, Treaties, The Revolutionary War and more. From the OneidaIndianNation.com.
Teacher's Resources and Projects
"[F]ree downloadable kits for paper models of a plains tipi, an Iroquois longhouse, a set of various styles of houses from prehistoric Ohio, a Northwest coast cedar house, and a poster showing deer bones used to make various tools."
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