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About Photography
Tips and techniques. Provided by About.com.
11 Simple Tips for Kids: Nature Photography
Easy steps for getting kids outside and using a camera. From the National Wildlife Federation.
How Digital Cameras Work
From How Stuff Works.com.
Kodak: Tips and Projects Center
Articles and activities for all ages.
PBS American Photography: A Century of Images
Information about the history and social impact of photography. Sections include: Art, Photography and War, Digital Truth, Presidential Image Making, Persuasion, Social Change, Cultural Identity.
Photography information from How Stuff Works.com:
Take better photos: Digital Photography Tips and Ideas
Sections include: Photography Basics, Digital Photography Techniques, Photo Tips for Vacation and Travel, Photo Tips for Events and Holidays, Photo Tips for Special Subjects (Babies, Pets, Landscapes, Water, Streams, Waterfalls, Outdoors, Sports, Family Portraits, Architecture, Fine Art, Quilts, Winter and Snow, Wet Weather, Online Auctions). From Hewlett-Packard (HP).

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