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Air Travel & Fare Comparisons
Real people compare the smaller airlines such as JetBlue and Southwest which are not always found on the larger sites. Also included are route maps, seat maps, and fare of the day.
Allows you to compare fares by origin and destination city, by month and day for the US and Candian Market. Does not include Southwest Airlines or Jet Blue Airways as they do not make all their fares public.
"Search 100+ travel sites for cheap fares, compare results."

Bidding for Travel - Websites for Checking Hotel Rates
Don't get distracted by the advertisements that are on each side of the message posts.
Compare hotel rates. Searches many travel sites at once including among others,, Orbitz, and individual hotel websites. It does not search the same websites for every destination. It does not include Quikbook.

Other Travel Guides & Information
Links for destinations, recreation (like hunting, boating etc.), languages, & cultures.
Foreign Entry Requirements
Alphabetical listing of rules for entry for each nation.
Budget vacations, travel advice,,, lodgings, car rentals. Also, discussion boards on more than 100 topics + "Arthur's Tip of the Day".
Google Directory: Travel Consolidators
A directory of commercial travel services like Tavelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, and Hotwire.
Lonely Planet World Guide
First select the region of the world on a map. Then choose your country from a list. Information is not just facts, such as time zone, currency and languages, but also colorful descriptions and suggested times to travel to your destination.
Passport Information for U.S. Citizens
Steps and ID required to apply for a U.S. passport including addresses, fees, replacement and renewal instructions and useful travel brochures online.
Rudy Maxa's Savvy Traveler News
National Geographic's savvy traveler provides travel news including deals as well as an extensive collection of links including airlines, cruise lines, car rental companies and hotel chains. There is a fair amount of advertising, but it is all well marked.
Seat Guru
An online reference for checkin, seat selection and other useful informtation for airline passengers.
Provides reviews from real travelers of hotels, restaurants, attractions, and vacation packages.
U.S. State Department Travel Warnings
Advisories and restrictions for travel on U.S. passports to places with political or medical dangers.
Presented by the European Travel Commission and the government tourist offices of 33 nations. Scenes, current events and issues, currency convertor, what's happening there.

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