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Ready Reference: Research Papers Middletown Thrall Library's reference librarians are eager to assist you with your research projects!

While your initial impulse might be to search the Web, we strongly encourage researchers to make their library the first stop so time and energy expended sifting through random search results can be better spent on completing your research.

Whether you're looking for ideas, topics, viewpoints, statistics, reference works, specific authors or sources, we want to help!

We also want to empower you so you can feel more comfortable and confident when pursuing information on your own.

This is why we continue to develop our library's many collections, our online information guides, and work daily to ensure you have access to the most current and definitive information available - in any form.

For some quick and convenient starting points, please try one or more of these links: For further guidance, please visit or contact our Reference Department. You can also ask us a question online!

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