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Genocide Special Coverage Web Guide
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Definitions of Genocide

United Nations: Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948)
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: What Is Genocide?
Wikipedia: Articles on Genocide
Note Wikipedia's disclaimers.

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Library Web Resources


Search for general articles on genocide or specific articles on topics such as the Holocaust, Darfur or Tibet.
Britannica Library (formerly Encyclopedia Britannica)
World Book Encyclopedia

Article Databases

Search for general articles on genocide or specific articles on topics such as the Holocaust, Darfur or Tibet.
Expanded Academic ASAP
Do a subject search on "genocide" for a list of subdivisions and related topics.
Historical Newspapers: The New York Times
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
Click on "Genocide" in list of issues.
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Other Library Resources

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Other Web Resources

About.com: The Holocaust
Sections include: Holocaust Basics (Pictures, Glossary, Timeline of the Holocaust, Holocaust Remembrance Day - Yom Hashoah, Why We Should Remember), The Camps, Ghettos, The Victims, Persecution, Resistance, Nazis, Museums & Memorials, Book & Movie Reviews, Related Articles.
Armenian Genocide Museum Institute
Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota
Includes news, a Virtual Musem, Websites and Bibliography, Publications (e.g. Citizens - "a book teaching about response to hate crimes and discrimination by Mike Hatch, Attorney General, State of Minnesota" - PDF format: view with the Adobe Reader).
Genocide Prevention Project
Includes informative histories of past genocides, a list of at risk countries, reports on preventing genocide, and links to other organizations and websites.
Genocide Watch
News, articles, and more. "Genocide Watch exists to predict, prevent, stop, and punish genocide and other forms of mass murder. We seek to raise awareness and influence public policy concerning potential and actual genocide. Our purpose is to build an international movement to prevent and stop genocide."
Middletown Thrall Library - Human Rights Special Coverage Guide
Sections include: Defining Human Rights, International Information, News, Government (Federal, New York), Organizations, Publications, Regional Information, Resource Collections, Search Engines.
United Nations, Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide
"The Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide acts as a catalyst within the UN system and more broadly within the international community, in order to alert to the potential of genocide in a particular country or region, to make recommendations towards preventing or halting it, and in order to open up space for partners to undertake preventive action in accordance with their mandates and responsibilities under international law."
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Wikipedia - Articles on genocides and the Holocaust (note Wikipedia's disclaimers):
Yad Vashem Photo Archive
From Google: "In honor of the UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we’re partnering with Yad Vashem, the Jerusalem-based center for remembering the Holocaust's victims and survivors, to bring their collections of photographs and documents to the web."
Yale University Genocide Studies Program
Includes maps and satellite images, past and current research projects (Darfur, Cambodia, Rwanda, East Timor, the Holocaust, Bosnia), Databases (Cambodian Genocide Data Bases, Yale East Timor Project Databases, Sanford Guatemalan Genocide Databases, Conflict and Genocide in Former Yugoslavia, 1991-1995).

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