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Becoming Human
Includes a presentation, interactive documentary, interactive timeline, games, activities, classroom materials and The Chromosome Connection, & Building Bodies. From the Institute of Human Origins.
Fossil Fragments: the Riddle of Human Origins
Includes History of Fossil Hunting; The Fossils; Timeline of Evolution; and Learning Resources. From an Exhibition at the Yale Peabody Museum.
Hall of Human Origins
Includes: Understanding Our Past; The History of Human Evolution; One Human Species; What Makes Us Human?; The Future of Human Evolution; Lucy; Peking Man; Mural of Primate Evolution; Neanderthal Tools; Sackler Lab; Meet the Curators. From the American Museum of Natural History.
Human Beginnings
From BBC.
World Museum of Man and Prehistory
Subtitled "the history of man through the study of tools and weapons." Artifacts arranged under Lower Paleolithic, Middle Paleolithic, Upper Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic/Chalcolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Later Ages. Many color photos of the collection.

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