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Cliffs Notes: American Government
Compare World Governments
Sort by Country, Term Length, Legislature Size, Last Legislative Election, or Ruling Party.
Consulates in New York City
A list of foreign consulates in New York City, many with links to their web pages. From the Office of the Mayor, NYC.
Federal Agency 800 Telephone Numbers
Foreign Embassies of Washington D.C.
Foreign Government Information
Strategies for locating information from foreign governments and other background information on a country. Includes diplomatic, area, geographic and subject approaches to searching the internet. Also includes a limited number of suggested websites. From Penn State University Libraries.
Foreign Government Resources
Choose a country by region or alphabetically. From the University of Florida.
Government Types
A list of the different types of governments. From the World Factbook.
Government Watchdog Organizations
Government Web Resources
Topics include: Broad Scope, Official U.S. Executive Branch Web Sites, Other Sources of Federal Government Information, US Politics, International Information and International Organizations. From the Library of Congress.
How to
Guides explain how to find materials related to the legislative process and the U.S. Senate. Includes how to find the Congressional Record, copies of bills, subcommitte membersip rosters, laws, acts or statutes, bill numbers, etc.
Local Representatives
For Orange County, NY, Middletown, NY and Town of Wallkill, NY, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senators.
Member States of the United Nations
Includes the address, phone number and website when available. Also UNdata statistics such as maps, Summary Statistics, Economic Indicators, Social Indicators, Environment, and Trade Profile. From the United Nations.
New York State Government Agencies
State, city, county (Orange County, NY), and local (e.g. Middletown, NY & Town of Wallkill, NY) government agency websites.
Parliaments Around the World
"The first multinational report to be published on the Law Library's website in 2016 allows us to consider some fundamental questions underlying the practice of comparative law: who makes the laws, and how are the laws made? The report covers eleven jurisdictions with different legal and constitutional traditions and systems of government." Countries included in this report: Australia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom. From the Library of Congress.
United Nations
United Nations Multimedia
Includes links to United Nations Photo Library, United Nations Audio Library, United Nations Video Library, and more. From the United Nations.
United Nations Treaty Collection
The White House
Official website of the President of the United States of America and the President's Administration. Includes news, speeches, statements, videos, as well as information on current and past U.S. Vice-Presidents and First Ladies.
Who Runs Gov
From The Washington Post: "Our site includes profiles of members of the Obama administration, U.S. lawmakers and governors, senior congressional aides and committee staff, lobbyists and experts at think tanks and interest groups who comprise the world of unofficial Washington. We also offer profiles and in-depth organizational charts for all 15 executive branch departments, Congress and the White House. The site is built on a "moderated wiki" platform, and anyone can add a profile or update an existing one. Contributors can use their name, or not, and all information is reviewed by our editorial team before publishing."

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