Your Library Account
Checking Due Dates & Reserves

You can review due dates for borrowed items, the status of requested items (holds), and library fines (if any) by logging into the online catalog.

On our library's home page, you will find Your Library Account login link:

[image of Thrall's home page]

The login screen should soon appear:

[image of Thrall's home page]

After you click on Your Library Account, you will be asked to enter your library barcode number (without any spaces) and your PIN (usually the last four digits of your telephone number).

Once you click the "Log In" button, your library account page should soon appear.

When your account appears, please select from Checkouts, Holds, or Fines on the menu

Due dates appear under Checkouts, as in this example:

[image of Library Catalog: Borrowed Items and Due Dates]

If you notice any item is due soon - or overdue (kept beyond its due date) - please return it as soon as possible to avoid or minimize any possible overdue fines.

You might be able to "renew" an item to extend its due date. Please click here to learn more about renewing items.

If you have any questions concerning your library account please call the Circulation Department at (845) 341-5454

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