The Library Catalog
Reserving Items (Placing Holds)

After you search the library catalog, you should see some search results, as in this example:

[search results]

If you see something you like, you can try to reserve an item (once it becomes available) by clicking the Place Hold button near that item:

[search results with place holds buttons highlighted]

If you're not already logged in, you'll be asked to enter your library card number and your PIN, which is usually the last four digits of your telephone number:

[Enterprise login prompt]

You should enter your library card number without any spaces.

Please note: not all items can be reserved.

New items, such as bestsellers or new movie releases, are often available only to members of libraries owning those items.

If you can reserve an item, you will also have a chance to specify where you want to pick up that item - at Middletown Thrall Library or any other RCLS library!

When you click Place Hold and are viewing a library item where multiple issues (such as magazines or journals) or volumes are available...

[example of item with multiple issues available]

you will be asked to specify which issue or volume you want to reserve:

[prompt to select library destination and specific issue]

while also being able to specify where you prefer to have that item delivered.

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