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The library cannot control or guarantee resources on the Internet.

Some information and/or websites accessible via the Internet / World Wide Web might contain material that is inaccurate, out of date, defamatory, illegal or potentially dangerous or offensive to some people.

You are urged to exercise Critical Thinking and web awareness at all times and be mindful of the privacy and security practices, or lack thereof, at any website you visit.

You are encouraged to read public education documents we have prepared for your benefit, including those entitled: Web Checklist, Critical Thinking Skills, Social Networking, and Copyright and Intellectual Property.

Additional educational materials about the Internet / Web are available at the library and throughout the library system. Please take advantage of the free information available at your public library.

As the Internet is a global phenomenon, with information constantly moving and changing, some websites and Web addresses can change or become unavailable or temporarily unreachable without notice. This is beyond anyone's control.

Resources selected by our librarians are regularly reviewed for quality and currency. Nonfunctional links are removed as we find and confirm them, and, wherever necessary, we replace those links with comparable, if not superior resources.

We reserve the right to not link to any website failing to meet our needs, the needs of our community, or selection criteria.

If you have any questions about our web guides or selection criteria, please contact our Reference Department.

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