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Currency Converter for 164 Countries
Input one currency and change that amount into any of the other world currencies.
Factmonster.com: Money
Facts About U.S. Money, U.S. Money History, Money Around the World, Economy 101, The Euro, Portraits and Designs of U.S. Paper Currency, U.S. Coins in Circulation, How Coins Are Made, The 50 State Quarters Program Act, The D.C. and U.S. Territories Quarter Program, Two New Nickels, New $20 Bill, Facelift for the $50, The New Paper Money, Counterfeit Money, A Brief History of U.S. Banking, A Brief History of Checking, Budgets, A Little Goes a Long Way, Unequal Income, Average Allowances, Kid Work, The Public Debt, Retail Prices of Selected Foods in U.S. Cities, 1890-1970, The Shrinking Value of the Dollar, Got a Yen...To Learn About Foreign Exchange?, Financial Websites, What is the Stock Market?, Change in Your Pocket--The New Quarters, Sacagewea Golden Dollar, Susan B. Anthony Dollar.
How Currency Works
From How Stuff Works.
Origins of Money and of Banking
"All sorts of things have been used as money at different times in different places." Defines Money based on its functions.
Treasury Reporting Rates of Exchange
Currency equivalency rate in an easy table for the current quarter.

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