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Bartleby Project - American and British Poetry
American and British Poetry. "Over 10,000 poems from the largest freely available collection of classic poetry anthologies on the web-as well as the complete works of many well-known poets."
The Children's Poetry Archive
"The Poetry Archive is a place where everyone can listen to poetry. The idea for it came from Andrew Motion (Poet Laureate) and Richard Carrington (recording producer). They agreed that there is something special about listening to a poet reading his or her own work, and that it would be good to collect lots of recordings and make them available to people who were interested in hearing them." Browse by theme or poet, or you can search.
Factmonster: Poetry
Learn about poems.
Glossary of Poetry Terms
A simple and concise guide to poetic forms and poetry terminology. From Factmonster.
How Stuff Works: How Poetry Works
Topics include: Types of Poetry, Sound Effects, Poetic Meter, Visual Effects, Poetry Terms, Poetic Traditions, and more.
National Poetry Month
April is National Poetry Month. Learn about poetry, poets, and poems. From Factmonster.com.
Poetry 180
"A poem a day." Created especially for American Schools. From the the Library of Congress.
Poets.org: the Academy of American Poets
Essays on poetry, biographies of more than 450 poets, text of more than 1400 poems, and audio of one hundred poems read by their authors or other poets.
Rhyming Dictionaries
Scholastic: Poetry - Writing with Writers
Learn and create.

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