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General Information
The American Museum of Photography
PBS American Photography: A Century of Images
Information about the history and social impact of photography. Sections include: Art, Photography and War, Digital Truth, Presidential Image Making, Persuasion, Social Change, Cultural Identity.
Photography information from How Stuff

Digital Photography / Digital Cameras
Digital Photography Review
Reviews, news, and information about digital cameras, related hardware and software, digital photographic techniques, and more.
Digital Photography School Tips & Tutorials
Topics include Tips for Beginners; Portrait Photography Tips, Landscape Photography Tips.
Digital Photography Tutorials
"Learn how to take and edit digital photographs using visual tutorials that emphasize concept over procedure, independent of specific digital camera or lens. This is a complete listing of all tutorials on this site; click the drop-down links in the top menu to see particular topics." From Cambridge in Colour.
"Your resource for nearly anything you want to know about digital photography." Topics include Quick Reference, Best Practices, Workflow, Resources. See also: Glossary - A glossary of digital photographic terms. Aimed at professional/commercial photographers.
5 Tips for Preserving Your Digital Photos
From the Kansas City Public Library.
How Digital Cameras Work
From How Stuff

America's First Look into the Camera
The Library of Congress has put its 725 daguerreotypes on this site. Most are portraits from Mathew Brady's studio, but also include portraits by Robert Cornelius, James P. Ball, and Francis Grice. There are also some early architectural images by John Plumbe.
The Daguerreian Era and Early American Photography on Paper, 1839-1860
From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The Daguerreian Society Image Galleries
Includes Gold Rush Images, Occupational Images, Military Images, Postmortem Images, Home Scenes, City Scenes, Country Scenes, Portraits, Couples, Groups and Paintings & Artwork. You can click on the images to zoom in.
A database of daguerreeian images. To search by subjects, click on "Tags" in the right hand column. From the Daguerrerreian Society.
From the Franklin Institute:
Daguerreotype Photography
First Motion Pictures
Includes the moving images of horses and deer.
Kodak Brownie Camera
Includes a outside diagram of the brownie camera.
The History of Photography: Pinholes and Polaroids to Digital Images
Photography Archive Timeline
From 1725 to 1955. From The History of Photography Archive.
Preserving & Protecting Photographs: A Buyer's Guide
Topics include Enemies of Photographs, Small Format Photographs, Family Albums and Collections of Loose Images, Unmounted Albumen Prints, Larger Photographic Prints, Special Cases: Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, & Tintypes, Beyond Preservation: Expert Advice. From the American Museum of Photography.

Photo Editing Software
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
Draw, paint, convert, or edit images, photographs, and computer graphics.
See also: Image Creation & Editing Software category

Photographic Techniques & Tips
Advanced Photography Techniques
Includes travel tips, lighting, monochrome and more. From
Astrophotography Tips
Articles from Sky & Telescope Magazine.
Cameras and Photography - Tips and How-Tos
Kodak Moments Project Center
Activities and articles.
National Geographic Photography Tips:
Digital Photography Tips
Landscape Photography Tips
People and Portrait Photography Quick Tips
Travel Photography Tips
Photography Tips and Articles
Look to the right to see categories, which include Cameras and Gear, Portraiture, Wedding Photography, Travel Photography, Nature and Landscape, Sports and Holidays. From the New York Institute of Photography.
Travel Photographers Share Secrets for Memorable Photos
Ten tips from the professionals. From AARP.

Photography - Preserving
Ask an Expert: Preserving Your Photographs: Windows to the Past
From Minnesota Historical Society. Adobe Reader PDF format.
Personal Archiving
Information on how to preserve your digital memories. Includes 8 page pamphlet ( From the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, Library of Congress.
Preserving Digital Photos
Preserving the Past: How to Care for and Protect Old Photographs

Storage, Sharing, Photography Communities & Forums
The Photo Forum

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