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Middletown Thrall Library's Reference Department provides many guides to information of all kinds!

Our librarians create and update these guides regularly as part of our efforts to serve researchers and to make information easily and quickly accessible to everyone.

Using Our Guides

Our information guides, which may be browsed or searched, are intended to empower you to explore major research topics in depth, definitively, and without the randomness, danger, or frustration of searching the Web.

Our Ready Reference Center can help you locate information for many popular research topics.

Our Current Interests Center enables you to browse current events and breaking news by topic.

Our Special Coverage Center affords you opportunities to explore key facts and perspectives for major trending news topics.

Browse even more topics at this link!

Resource Awareness

Specialized guides, such as our literature guide (pictured at right) include an overview of related research items and services (such as literature databases available at Thrall).

In fact, most of our information guides highlight both library resources (books, videos, and related topics) as well as Web resources (websites - information available on the Internet).

The next time you need to look something up, we encourage you to explore our information guides and to ask our librarians a question. We will be glad to help.

Getting to the Guides

Our guides can be reached via this link or through our home page via the "All Information Guides" link there.

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