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Sports Information Guide
Copyright © 2000-2022 Middletown Thrall Library

Sports Information in the Library

How Sports Are Classified
Sports books and videos are located numerically in the 790s of our nonfiction and video collections.

Between 796 and 799 you will find books filed under these numbers:

Middletown Thrall Library also subscribes to a variety of sports-related periodicals, such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN: The Magazine.

Some current issues are on display near the new books, while past issues can be found in our Periodical Room.

Our librarians can show you where to look.

If you'd like to browse the Library Catalog by sports topics, please click here.

On our website we also have something called the "Virtual NewsStand," where you'll find a list of major periodicals and newspapers Thrall currently subscribes to. Most of these publications have websites you can visit.

Click here to go to our Virtual NewsStand.

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Sports Reference Works
At Middletown Thrall Library's Reference Department you will find a number of sports reference works in the 796-799 area.

Some notable examples include:

You can locate these items using the call numbers above. A librarian can help you as well!

You can also find information about famous athletes, coaches, and their teams in the Biography section of our reference and circulating collections.

For young persons, there are many books about famous sports stars in the JB (Juvenile Biography) section of the Children's Department.

If you'd like to browse the Library Catalog by sports topics, please click here.

On the web we have our own Virtual Reference Library (VRL), which members of our library can access at home by logging in with their library cards.

The VRL has, among many other titles, the Encyclopedia of World Biography, which contains numerous entries on famous sports figures throughout history.

Members of Thrall: Also be sure to check out our encyclopedias and full text article databases on the web.

Note: All of these services can be freely accessed by anyone who comes to Middletown Thrall Library.

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Databases & Encyclopedias
If you would like to research a sports topic, our library offers plenty of options.

In addition to reference works and a directory of websites, members of Thrall can enjoy free access to numerous databases and encyclopedias such as:

Young researchers might prefer to try searching our Student Research databases such as Searchasaurus or TOPICsearch.

If you're doing research on specific viewpoints and controversial topics, such as the use of steroids in sports, you might want to consider this database, which specializes in exploring the "pros" and "cons" of many topics:

If you don't know where to start, just come to (or call) our Reference Department, and we'll be happy to help you locate the information you need.

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Sports Topics in the Library Catalog
Click any subject heading below to browse materials available at Thrall or other libraries within the Ramapo Catskill Library System.

You can also search the library catalog for a specific sport:

Limit to: Coaching Players Rules Training/Instruction (no limit)

Tip: Click "no limit" if no matches are found in the catalog.

(See also Sports Reference Works at Thrall)

For more help, contact Reference or use our Ask a Librarian service

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Sports on the Web

Sports Scores & News
CBS Sports
ESPN SportsZone
Fox Sports
NBC Sports
National Public Radio (NPR): Sports
The New York Times: Sports
Sports Illustrated |
Sports news, scores, and highlights.
Yahoo! Sports

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Professional Sports
Auto Racing
Motor Sports News
National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR)
National Hot Rod Association

Major League Baseball
Hudson Valley Renegades
Baseball team
"Retrosheet was founded in 1989 for the purpose of computerizing play-by-play accounts of as many pre-1984 major league games as possible." A statistician's crowdsourced treasure trove of baseball box scores, narratives, and transactions.

Statistics on professional basketball players going back to the 1950's.
National Basketball Assocation
National Women's Basketball Assocation

Professional Bowlers Association

National Football League

Golf Online
Golf player and tournament news from Sports Illustrated
Ladies Professional Golf Association
Professional Golfers' Association of America

Horse Racing
America's Best Racing
"America's Best Racing is a multi-media new fan development and awareness-building platform, initiated by The Jockey Club, designed to increase the profile and visibility of North America's best Thoroughbred racing events, with a primary focus on the sport's lifestyle and competition."
Thoroughbred horse racing, news, and photos.
Horse Racing

National Hockey League
Legends of Hockey
Career statistics of every player who has ever played in the NHL.

U.S. Lacrosse Organization

Major League Soccer
Premier League
Soccer Times

United States Tennis Association

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College Sports
The Official Web Site for NCAA Sports
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
National Collegiate Athletics Assocation
National Junior Collegiate Athletic Assocation

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International Sports
The Olympics (The Olympic Games)

The Olympic Games - Official Website - Summer & Winter Olympics
See also:
Game Results
The History of Olympics: Ancient Olympic Games, Mythology
Olympic Athletes - Find a Medalist + Top Medalists
Olympic Torch Relay
Past and Future Olympics
Special Olympics
Youth Olympic Games (YOG)
News & Media Coverage
Please see this link for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
NBC Olympics
The New York Times: The Olympics
"Insight into the Olympic sports and the Olympic spirit." From How Stuff Works.
Olympics Fun Facts

Other Sports

General / Multiple Sports
International Amateur Athletic Federation


World Cup Soccer Tournaments

Davis Cup

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Recreation & Instruction
"Our goal is simple - build the largest collection of hand-curated trail guides" Over 100,000 trails. Free account or upgrade to Pro account.
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Inclusive Recreation Resource Center
Assesses recreational facilities on inclusion and accessibility and then enters the assessments in their online database. "The searchable database is a comprehensive bank of descriptive information on how inclusive and accessible recreation resources are, to help people with disabilities better plan their recreation." Headquartered at SUNY Cortland.
Martial Arts
The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference
"The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is a federation of more than 85 hiking clubs and environmental organizations and 10,000 individuals dedicated to building and maintaining marked hiking trails and protecting related open space in the bi-state region. Our constituent clubs have a combined membership of over 100,000." Their website includes almost everything the local hiker needs to know.
United States of America Cricket Association

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History & Halls of Fame

Jump to:

Basketball: Origins of the Game
From the U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA).
Baseball: Historic Baseball Resources
Images, audio, video, history, news from the past, and special online exhibits including: Jackie Robinson, Baseball Cards, Teachers Resources, and more. From the Library of Congress. Also see their Spalding Base Ball Guides (1889-1939).
Major League Baseball (MLB): History Coverage
Historic information and images.
Society for Baseball Research: Biography Project
Baseball history. "The Baseball Biography Project is an ongoing effort to produce comprehensive biographical articles on every person who ever played or managed in the major leagues, as well as any other person who touched baseball in a significant way."
From the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.
Boxing: Everything You Need to Know About Boxing History
Includes: Retired Boxers Records/Profiles, Awards, Historical Results, Rankings & Champions, Olympics and Amateur History, and more. From
History of Football
Histories of teams, standings, records, MVPs, drafts of players, the Super Bowl, and more. From the U.S. National Football League (NFL).
Includes: biographies of featured past athletes/best all-time sports figures, The Evolution of Hockey, and more. From the U.S. National Hockey League (NHL).
Horse Racing
Horseracing History Online
From the U.K. National Horseracing Museum.
The United States Trotting Association: History of Major Races
Year by year results of each stake, early closer, and late closer including the Trotting and Pacing Triple Crown races: Hambletonian, Little Brown Jug, Yonkers Trot, Kentucky Futurity, Cane Pace and The Messenger Stakes.
Racing / NASCAR
History of NASCAR
Includes: Great Races, Daytona 500, Decade by Decade, Greatest Drivers, Past Champions, Evolution of the Stock Car. From NASCAR.
Rugby: The Origins
Soccer: American Soccer History Archives
Includes: A Historical Overview of US Soccer History, Womens Soccer in the USA: A Historical Overview, The Year in American Soccer (browse by year), General and Statistical Histories, and more.
Tennis: The Origins and Early History of Tennis
Includes: All-Time Records, An Evolutionary History of Tennis Racquets, Wimbledon, French Open, Real Tennis, U.S. Open, and more. From

Halls of Fame
Baseball Hall of Fame
See also:
PASTIME: Baseball Hall of Fame Online Collection
The Baseball Hall of Fame's PASTTIME (Public Archive System To Interact with the Museum Electronically) Digital Archive Project is making its collections available in an online digital archive in hopes of enabling "fans and students of the game to relive baseball's greatest moments through the Museum's collection." Currently the collection includes Babe Ruth Scrapbooks. Additional material (e.g. photos, audio/video) "will be published every other Wednesday."
Basketball Hall of Fame
Football Hall of Fame
Hockey Hall of Fame
The Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame
Horse Racing - Triple Crown
From Including listings of past winners.
International Boxing Hall of Fame
International Tennis Hall of Fame
National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame

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Sports Terminology
Auto Racing Terms
Baseball for Beginners: A Glossary
From PBS.
Baseball Statistics Glossary
From Sports Illustrated.
Basketball Glossary
Archived website. From the American Heart Association.
Bowling Glossary
Boxing Terminology
Football Glossary
Glossary of Hockey Terms
Golf Terms and Phrases
Horse Racing Terms
Ice / Figure Skating Terms
Lacrosse Dictionary
NASCAR Glossary
Rugby Union Rugby Glossary
Running Terms Glossary
Skiing Terminology
Soccer Dictionary
Sports Glossaries
Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Soccer.
Surfing, Wave, and Surf Boards Terminology
Swimming Terminology:
Open Water Swimming Glossary
Swim Smooth's Glossary of Swimming Terms
Swimming Glossary
Tennis Terms
Volleyball Glossary

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Sports Information Guide
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