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The Archaeology Channel
View streaming videos about such archaeological topics as Lewis and Clark, India, the Vikings, King Herod, The Acropolis, and many more. Sort by name or location. Also includes a monthly half-hour news magazine on archaeology.
Archaeology Magazine
Articles, news, and blog.
Archaeology News
From Thrall's Current Interest Center. Famous Archaeologists
Brief summaries of famous archaeologists and their discoveries.
Great Archaeology
"Archaeology, archaeologists, important archaeological discoveries, excavations, news, ancient archaeology, museums, monuments, archaeological organizations."
How Archaeology Works
From How Stuff Works.
Introduction to Archaeology
From the Archaeological Institute of America.
Metropolitan Museum of Art: Archaeology
Artifacts and images of works of art. Images can be clicked for more information.
National Geographic: Archaeology
News, articles, photos, videos, and online activities.
Society for American Archaeology
Includes information for archaeologists as well as the general public (e.g. an in-depth introduction to archaeological principles).
The Virtual World Project
The Virtual World Project is designed for educational purposes, with teachers and students in mind. The project offers two modes for viewing the archaeological sites (Tour and Presentation mode). Although at present sites in Jordan and Israel are the focus of this project, expansion to other locations is expected. Viewing the actual archaeological sites being excavated is fascinating.

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