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Web Resources Computers & the Internet
The Computer History Museum
A brief history of computer technology.
From How Stuff Works.
A History of the Internet
From the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
How Microprocessors Work
From How Stuff Works.
How Personal Computers Work
From How Stuff Works.
More Technologies
Discover Magazine
Science and technology news.
FCC Kids Zone
Browse technology topics by grade level. Includes technological histories and some fun games. Subjects include: broadband, cable television, cell phones, digital television, fax machines, hearing aids, pagers, radios, satellites, telephone numbers, Web addressess, and more. From the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
How Stuff Works
Besides car stuff, computer stuff, and science stuff, find out how all kinds of stuff works.
Inventions and Inventors
Kids.gov: How Things Work
Information and fun facts about different technologies. From the U.S. Government.
Robotics, artificial intelligence, news and articles.
Science News for Kids
Science and technology headlines. From Science News.
Space Exploration

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