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Beyond the Bestsellers highlights new and notable authors not often found on bestseller lists.

To learn more about a book and check on its availablity within the library system, please click or tap on a cover or title below.

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General Fiction

  • The Painter - Peter Heller
    The Painter Peter Heller
    In the burning heat of the American Southwest, Jim Stegner, a former felon / introspective artist succumbs to lurking violent predilections by murdering a ruthless local hunter. As Stegner struggles to outrace police, the clan of his victim, and his own guilt, his increasing instability manifests in a series of beautiful artistic works that transcend the mistakes of his past.
  • Landline - Rainbow Rowell
    Landline - Rainbow Rowell
    This witty contemporary outing by acclaimed author Rainbow Rowell takes a supernatural turn when TV writer Georgie McCool finds a way to communicate with a younger version of her estranged husband. After choosing to pursue a blossoming career over her crumbling marriage, McCool begins to wonder if this strange link is the chance to change the course of her future.

Other titles to consider:

Historical Fiction

  • The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street - Susan Jane Gilman
    The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street
    - Susan Jane Gilman
    In pre-World War I New York City, young immigrant Malka Treynovsky is taken in by the family of a local Italian ice cream vendor after a sudden accident leaves her crippled and orphaned. Once it is clear she does not have a future with her adoptive family, a newly married Malka (now known as Lillian) uses her powerful wit and cunning to challenge fate and build her own business empire.
  • Wars of the Roses: Stormbird - Conn Iggulden
    Wars of the Roses: Stormbird
    - Conn Iggulden
    Celebrated historical fiction novelist Conn Iggulden provides a page-turning account of the War of Roses, a decades-long battle between two of the most famous British royal houses, the Lancasters and the Yorks. As tensions mount to a height, members of the house of Lancaster race to defend themselves and their new king, Henry VI, against the political machinations of their rivals.

Other titles to consider:


  • Bellweather Rhapsody - Kate Racculia
    Bellweather Rhapsody
    - Kate Racculia
    Set in the snow-covered Catskills, this quirky mystery follows a collection of characters who descend upon a haunted hotel fifteen years after a shocking murder-suicide. When a young flutist disappears from the original scene of the crime, an investigation begins to discover who is behind the crime and how much of the curse is fact or fiction.

Other titles to consider:


  • To Scotland With Love - Patience Griffin
    To Scotland With Love
    - Patience Griffin
    Former journalist Caitriona Macleod flees to her native Scotland after discovering her husband's infidelity and subsequent death. As she heals her scars in the picturesque town of Gandiegow, Cait meets Graham Buchanan, the town's resident movie star, and must choose between a career-reviving exclusive or a more intimate relationship with her new acquaintance.

Other titles to consider:

Science Fiction & Fantasy

  • The Bees - Laline Paull
    The Bees
    - Laline Paull
    This inventive debut novel is at its root a tale of individuality and independence told from the perspective of a bee named Flora 717. As our heroine finds herself questioning the strict caste system of her colony, events quickly spiral into disaster, causing her to challenge the only world she's ever known.

Other titles to consider:


  • Sting of the Drone - Richard A. Clarke
    Sting of the Drone
    - Richard A. Clarke
    Technologically intelligent and action-packed, this heart-pounding thriller from cybersecurity expert Richard A. Clarke pits a patchwork cell of terrorists against pilots of the enigmatic U.S. drone program. As a group of radicals seek revenge on the individuals behind the airborne weapons, the U.S. team must discover who is attacking their unit before it's too late.

Other thrillers to consider:

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